The Dangers of Online Moving Brokers and Why To Stay Away

It doesn’t matter if you are moving across the street, across town, or across the country — you need to know who it is that is moving your home or business. Don’t let the excitement or the hassle and details of your move cause you to fail in your due diligence of vetting your residential movers.

You will often find deals advertised for moves that seem like great deals, but are they? Many of those bargain-basement offers are from moving brokers. Did that lead to the question, what is a moving broker or what are the risks with using a moving broker?

Good. That means you are asking the right questions, starting with, is it dangerous to use a moving broker? After all, these are our possessions, belongings, keepsakes, and in many cases, all we own.

Is it dangerous to use a moving broker?

The simple answer to the question is yes and no. While that seems as clear as mud, it is also the truth. There are some reputable and reliable moving brokers out there. The problem is there are also many sharks in those waters too.

What are the risks with using a moving broker?

The primary issue with using a moving broker is the lack of accountability or recourse if something goes wrong. Moving brokers are merely that, brokers. Their job is to simply broker the deal/agreement for a commercial or residential move between a mover and the moving person or company.

In other words, the broker has no equipment, labor resources, tools, or trucks. It is often more common than not that the broker has no more idea of who is coming to move you on moving day than you do. In addition to the lack of accountability brokers have is the concern about the actual contracted moving company.

Brokers make their money from the difference between the cost paid for the move and what they pay the movers. That also means brokers are typically looking for the most affordable (aka cheapest) moving companies available.

In many circumstances, that can equate to working with unlicensed, unprofessional, uninsured, and unqualified movers. In the worst cases, a brokered moving company may show up late — or not at all.

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